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See why Barbados makes the cut for top beaches in the world

See why Barbados makes the cut for top beaches in the world
MAR 23, 2016 @ 05:58

Barbados is home to the finest beaches in the world.  The Crane beach on the south eastern side of the island was rated by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as "one of the ten best beaches in the world”. And there are many more to experience around the island. You’ll notice immediately that the coastlines are different and the beaches themselves are as diverse as the people.  Although you may have a preference, the myriad of choices makes Barbados a top pick for best beach holidays. 

West Coast Beaches

With picture perfect, blue water and gold sand, west coast beaches have a reputation for creating idyllic days in the sun.  The surf is gentle and small to medium waves make most beaches on the West Coast ideal for sunbathing and relaxation or, if you prefer, watersports, swimming and snorkelling

South Coast Beaches

With small to medium waves, south coast beaches are mostly tailor-made  for adventure and a range of watersports, including  windsurfing, body surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling.  You can really get wild on the south coast, as the surf is livelier than the west coast's with more undertow than you’d expect, so don’t be caught off-guard. 

East Coast Beaches

The east coast boasts a string of intriguing wind swept beaches, and due to pounding surf, large waves and strong currents, swimming is not recommended in most areas along this coastline.   These beaches are nevertheless good spots for walking and sun bathing.  Most of all, our east coast waves are favoured by surfers who come here from all over the world to test their skill at the famous Soup Bowl in Bathsheba. 

North Coast Beaches

While you’re likely to encounter the occasional sheltered cove, there are not many beaches along this rugged coastline, where imposing coral and sandstone cliffs rise majestically from the sea, and weathered rocks serve as stunning exhibits in nature’s own art gallery. As you can imagine, the waves are large and the currents strong.  Swimming is definitely NOT recommended.

But that’s not all there is, we’ve still got a number of hidden treasures to lay bare – secret bays, beaches and coves that we want to share with only YOU… Shhh… 


Top hidden beaches in Barbados

These hidden treasures vary in size and seclusion and although some of them aren't ideal for swimming, they are all top of the line for breathtaking photo opportunities, sunbathing and endless romantic walks.  As tucked away and secluded as they might be, please bear in mind that there are no nude beaches in Barbados. 

Freshwater Bay and Batts Rock Beach on the borders of St. Michael and St. James on the west coast form a gloriously tranquil coastline caressed by calm, clear water.   There is some beach activity, surfing and lots of cosy spots for picnics.  

Beachy Head Bay, Bottom Bay, Crane Beach, Foul Bay, Ginger Bay, Harrismith Beach / Cave Bay, Long Bay / Sam Lord's Castle Beach, Palmetto Bay and Shark’s Hole Bay are all located on the southeast coast of St. Philip.   Each of these is characterized by medium to large waves, undertow and strong currents. 

Cotton House Bay, Freight's Bay, Long Beach and Rescue Beach / Surfer's Bay on the south coast of Christ Church are great for surfing and a day in the sun.  With small to medium waves, there is lots of undertow and strong currents. 

Cove Bay in the north offers spectacular views of our coastline at its most rugged and spectacular.  Large waves and very strong currents make swimming hazardous, but you’ll be rewarded with the awesome photos you’ll be able to take back home.

No doubt, there is likely to be a beach to suit your every mood and fancy, but remember, seasonal weather can affect sea conditions, so you while you’re having fun, you still need to be careful.